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Driver Booster will help you to update your driver for both offline and online PCs. Download Driver Booster 2021 Now !!

  • Developer: IObit
  • Latest Version: Driver Booster V 8.4.0
  • Compatibility: Windows- XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Installer size: 15.6 MB
  • Language Packs: 48
  • Driver Database: 3,000,000 to 4,500,000+
  • Additional Features: Silent Mode, Game boost, and Ignore Unwanted Updates,
  • Cost : Free

Driver Booster is a software that boosts your system drivers and makes your PC so fast. Another advantage is, it will give your more fps in games.

If you want to download driver booster for free, then you're at the right place.

This article will give a full review of this software and more about it like Features of it, Pros, and cons, how to download, how to install & More.

What is Driver Booster?

One of the most popular software driver updater available on the web also boosts your FPS if you're a gamer. It independently scans the drivers thoroughly and determines the ones that have lost relevance, and automatically updates them with existing ones.

It also protects your OS and other computer devices. In addition, it scans your computer system, optimizes the Driver, and improves performance.

It has an existing database of installed components. It compares and displays all the information about the latest version drivers to increase the system performance, thereby increasing the speed or efficiency of the devices.

It also prevents hangs, crashes and makes your system fast and smooth. Why?, because it has a perfect AI (Artificial Intelligence). You can use it very quickly; it makes your system so fast and boosts the fps of your games. So you can play games without lags and crashes, your system is working perfectly.

When you install driver booster on your computer, it immediately scans your system, removes the old drivers, and replaces them with the new and latest ones.

The best part is that it is famous for have the 'Game mode' feature in it, which enhances the gaming experience during gameplay. Furthermore, it is a high-speed tool and completely safe. It has no bugs or viruses in it.

The incredible thing is that it doesn't consume too much power from your computer, so you do not face any problem while playing games. It also fix BSOD (Blue screen of death) which is cause by driver update failure. Also, Supports to fix network failures and sound errors.

Features of booster driver

iobit driver booster


It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

One-Click Functionality

It has more than 3,500,000 drivers in its pro version and 3,000,000 device drivers in its free version.

Automatic Detection

Automatically detects faulty driver issues and solves them soon and makes fast and smooth for your system.

Restoring The Backup

It has a perfect Function in that you can back up your device drivers before updating them.

Silent Mode

Just like phones or smartphones, it also provides a silent mode feature.

Repair Game Components

This tool is famous for gaming because it repairs the game components of your PC to make fast your games and system.


  • It is compelling and professional.
  • Fast and smooth.
  • Game mode.
  • Quickly installable and easy to use.
  • It has no limit
  • Drivers can be updated and downloaded limitlessly.
  • Automatically update drivers.
  • More extensive database of over 4,500,000 drivers
  • Has free version
  • Simple Interface


  • Scanning for driver updates needs to have an internet connection.
  • Before buying this product, you will not get pros features
  • And in the free version, you get limited features to use.

Download Driver Booster

File Name IOBit Software updater setup.exe
Size 15.1MB
Version v8.4.0 [Latest Version]
OS Required All Windows (10 recommended)
Installs So much
Rating 4.6
Developer IOBit
File Type .exe

Other Versions of Driver Booster

How To Install Driver Booster:

Installation Process is very easy and simple, you can install it by following the steps given below.

Before installing the application, make sure to disable "Windows firewall or any other antivirus app" to disable: ->Go to Settings(Windows key+I) ->Update & Security ->Windows Security ->Virus & Threat protection ->Manage settings ->and disable Real time protection.

  • Open the file Where you've downloaded the "Application"file.
  • Right click on it and run as "Administrator".
  • Hit Next and follow the on-screen intructions to install the software successfully.
  • After, installation is completed.
  • Now, Open the app and enjoy! 

User Reviews

download driver booster PC Magazine

"IObit makes many utilities, and Driver Booster PR, which automatically updates your drivers, is one of its best. Driver Booster PRO's simple core "Functionality is made even more attractive thanks to the inclusion of multiple licenses at a very wallet-friendly price, as well as a customizable interface that does a good job of displaying specific hardware-related information. Competitors Ashampoo Driver Updater and SlimWare Utilities DriverUpdate offer compelling features, but IObit Driver Booster PRO leads the pack."

baixar driver booster Hishaam Salasa

"Truly the best driver updater on the market. It's user-friendly, has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and does its job better than any application I've used. This program is worth a 5-star rating. Highly recommended."

driver booster 7 Harold Barr

"What a surprise to receive the new Driver Booster from IObit. Once installed and its update began, I hadn't known that half of the programs on my PC were there, let alone needed an upgrade. Once upgrading was complete, it was as if my PC had a complete makeover. Sensational!"


  • Is Driver Booster Safe? ?

  • Yes, Because after testing by Microsoft WHQL and IObit review, It recommended for Windows.
  • Who Makes Driver Booster?

  • IOBit.
  • Does it work?

  • Yes, very helpful in optimizing, removing unnecessary files from the computer. Boosting games FPS, updatings, etc.
  • Is it safe to install?

  • It's 100% safe because legit Company IObit makes it.
  • Should I buy driver booster?

  • Yes, it depends on you because you get more features for use after buying it.
  • Can I uninstall the driver booster?

  • Yes, very quickly, you can uninstall the driver booster from your computer.
  • Is it Free?

  • Yes, Driver is available for free, but you get limited features; when you take a pro version, you'll get more features.
  • Is Driver Booster a Virus?

  • No, Driver Booster helps only remove unnecessary files, keeping drivers updated, and optimizing system performance.


Now you know what booster driver booster is, how it works, how to install and use it, how to use driver booster for free. You can also download driver booster for free from the above link and use the pro version for advance mode, which is paid. This booster driver works very fast, and still, you have any problem, please, if you have a comment, We will try to help you through our team.

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